Tri-City Visionaries
Tri-City Visionaries was founded and organized under the direction of Pastor Sammy L. Wade. The organization was formed and adopted its by-laws in June 2005.  Tri-City vision is to build a nonprofit coalition that would represent the citizens of Hopkins, Gadsden, and Eastover for the purpose of creating programs/projects to improve communities and the quality of life.

Tri-City collaborates to provide resources and services that contribute to healthy communities in the Lower Richland area by:

-organizing food boxes for the elderly
-overseeing plumbing and small repairs on the homes of the elderly and needy families
-generating funds through the Patient’s Choice Award program that recognizes local physicians in an aim to support the building a Family Life Center
-collaborating with After-school programs and Summer Camps to aid in providing a safe haven for youth
-consulting with the Lower Richland Heritage Corridor to create tourism in rural areas.
-sponsoring a variety of programs to address the holistic needs of the community.