Mary Lee Howell Holiday Food Boxes
The Mary Lee Howell holiday food box program provides food boxes to approximately 600 elderly citizens during the month of December each year

The Gospel Hammer Project
The Gospel Hammer Project provides plumbing and small repairs on the homes of the elderly and needy families in the Lower Richland Communities.

The Patient’s Choice Awards Program
The Patient’s Choice Awards Program awards physicians for their work in the community and with patients. Funds generated by the program are donated in the support of building a Family Life Center in Lower Richland.

J.U.M.P.S.  After-School & Summer Camp
Juveniles Upholding Morals & Principles of Society is a non-profit organization designed to service the needs of young people between the ages of 6-17 years of age by providing family enrichment, educational support, character building, and recreational enrichment.
Lower Richland Heritage Corridor
The Lower Richland Heritage Corridor collaborates with local agencies and community members to enhance and create tourism in the Lower Richland community.

Wellness Day
Wellness Day is an annual physical fitness day held at the Bernice G. Scott Health Center to promote and address the health care needs of the community.     


Tri-City Visionaries collaborates with the following organization to help provide resources and services to the citizens in the Lower Richland Community.